Reliable Security Flight Mission

Securing the perimeter, projecting remote assets, and covering rough terrain in extreme environment.
Coretronic Intelligent drones fly programed, autonomous missions around the perimeter, arrive at the point of interest inside the designated area, capture HD video image for analysis quickly, respond to potentially dangerous alarm events, help security teams to lower response times and get invaluable insight into potential threats,and increase the security team’s efficiency and safe level of the operators with lower operation cost. Our drone provides the best way to secure a large corporate perimeter.

  • Weatherproof design
  • Failsafe Setting
  • Anti-hacking
  • Static & Dynamic Collision Avoidance

Easy Operation Fleet Management System

Based on reliable cloud base structure, the fleet management system enables users to operate multiple drones through web-based UI, and mobile APP. Also enables users to monitor live images. In addition, the system automatically triggers and dispatches drones in urgent cases to help users to lower response time, maximize security efficiency.

  • Pre-scheduled/autonomous flight mission
  • Flight Mission Planning
  • Control everything, anytime, from anywhere

Intelligent Patrol

Schedule routine (and randomized) guard patrols, integrate with remote trigger sensors and dispatch in “manual mode” for closer investigation. Best of all, the drones integrate seamlessly into your existing security infrastructure and can be operated remotely.

  • Live image capturing, autonomous tracking and recognition
  • Video streaming
  • Rapid response for invaluable insight into potential threats for increasing security efficiency


Our intelligent drone system has wide range of security, and monitoring applications such as oil and gas, mining, power plant, electric tower, dam, and large industrial facilities
Our system could be customized, is a smart air robot.
Auto Threat Response, Schedule Autonomous Patrols, Manual Surveillance Missions.

Oil & Gas



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